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To solve the world’s biggest challenges through the world’s favourite entertainment medium
Welcome to Playmob
You’re in good company:

Your Challenges

Do you struggle to:

  1. Reach and engage the right people?
  2. Understand public sentiment to drive meaningful action?
  3. Maintain regular dialogue with your customers?

Our Solution

If the answer is yes, we can help you:

  1. Cut through the noise and talk to people on their terms
  2. Engage people at the right moment and nudge behaviour
  3. Talk to people regularly to track progress and impact

Unleashing the Power of Play

2.8 billion people, from all corners of the planet and all walks of life, regularly play mobile games. Playmob harnesses this player power to drive deep and meaningful engagement, helping you make impactful decisions and change behaviours.

Brand Awareness & Marketing

Engage your customers in a two-way conversation about your brand and feed new insight into your marketing plan, comms strategy or product development roadmap. Build trust and engagement by showing you are listening.

Dumb Ways to Kill Oceans
Self-Esteem Squad

Business Intelligence

Find out how people feel about issues relevant to your organisation - how much they know, care and what they would do to solve them. Leverage real-time data and insights to inform vital strategies and policies and drive lasting change.

Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Putting people at the core of your decision-making creates maximum social value. We enable you to gather long-term customer sentiment to help measure progress and impact over time, evidence action or quickly course correct.

Mission 1.5°
Mission 1.5°
United Nations Development Programme

TEDx Talk

Drive engagement through games

Reach, engage and drive action through the largest entertainment medium of our time
2.8B+mobile gamers32M+engagements

Playmob in action

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Putting people at the of your strategy

Harness the power of gaming to unlock the voice of the people!

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