Mission 1.5°
January 1, 2021

Mission 1.5°


  • Engaged the public in the issue of climate change 
  • Raised awareness of policy choices which can be made to reduce carbon emissions 
  • Allowed people to vote on various climate policy choices
  • Votes to be shared with world leaders to take real-world action


  • 64% of people said climate change is an emergency
  • Reached an audience of 33M people in 50+ markets 
  • 30% engagement rate average 
  • 1.2M validated votes (all questions answered and demographic profiles completed)


  • Rapid access to a large and highly targeted audience in a rapid time frame
  • Ability to run multi-jurisdictional campaigns
  • Gathered market sentiment on a number of issues
  • Benchmarking data to start reviewing impact, trends and changes 
  • Real-time data for rapid optimisation

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