Dumb Ways to Kill Oceans
September 1, 2020

Self-Esteem Squad


  • Appealed to young men and women directly
  • Engaged a younger audience in the topic of body confidence and self-esteem
  • Created a positive influence, resulting in long-term positive brand affinity
  • Adaptation of an offline programme to large-scale, global digital delivery


  • 4 million audience reach 
  • 27% engaged 
  • 8% completed
  • Results 12x more effective than standard methods
  • ‘Large impact’ on body confidence, as quoted in post campaign academic study (Full study linked here


  • Efficiently reached & engaged large target audience of young adults
  • Established a positive connection between the brand and young consumers
  • Captured values-driven data
  • Driving behavioural change amongst target audience

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